Registration & Enrollment

  • Quick registration using data from school database
  • Online parent registration form
  • Multiple enrollment options
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Activity Management

  • Setup activities at program and site level
  • Schedule sessions and staff
  • Manage special events and family participation
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Attendance Tracking

  • Multitude of attendance options including drop-in for middle/high schools
  • Mobile attendance application (Smartphone, iPad and tablet)
  • Badge scan application
  • Print rosters, sign-in sheets & attendance reports
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Outcomes Tracking

  • Manage/report data for all GPRA indicators
  • Upload/analyze day school grades
  • Upload/analyze test scores for district & state assessments
  • DOE teacher survey using smartphones/iPad/tablet
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Staff Management

  • Manage afterschool staff and providers centrally
  • Track staff/provider’s schedule
  • Record staff attendance in real-time
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Data Import

  • Import student data from school database using excel
  • Automated data transfer using FTP upload
  • Import grades, test scores and other academic data
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21st APR Reports

  • EZReports is compatible with new 21st APR system
  • Generates GPR & APR data in a few clicks
  • In-built data checks ensure accuracy of reports
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State DOE & Management Reports

  • Comprehensive reporting module with over 40 standard reports
  • Reports Wizard for ad-hoc reports
  • State DOE reports for CA(ASES), FL, MN, and other states
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Customizable Surveys

  • Design you own surveys
  • Mobile application to take surveys
  • Includes surveys by teachers, parents, students, staff, and providers
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User Levels

  • Site Coordinators
  • Program Directors
  • Evaluators
  • State DOE
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Integration with EZChildTrack

  • Manage both grant-funded and tuition-based programs
  • Automated data transfer
  • Parent portal & online registration
  • Automated billing & online payments
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Web-Based Support

  • Online help tools – user guides, training videos, FAQs, etc.
  • Integrated web-based support system
  • Highly responsive and dedicated support team
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