State DOE & Management Reports

EZReports includes more than 40 standard reports for state evaluators, program directors, and site coordinators to review and analyze data in the system.

  • Over 40 standard reports covering all reporting needs of an afterschool program.
    • Multiple student demographic reports including contact information, medical information, and mailing labels.
    • Barcode badges for registered students and adults.
    • Enrollment lists and count reports.
    • Multiple format of rosters and attendance reports including graphical representations of attendance.
    • Multiple reports on student grades and test scores including comparison reports for pre and post tests.
    • Survey reports.
    • Demographics and work summary reports for staff and providers.
  • Federal 21APR Reports include both GPR (grantee profile report) and APR (Annual progress report).
  • State specific reports for multiple states including California (ASES reports), Florida, and Minnesota.
  • Meets reporting needs for all users from detailed reports at the student level to aggregated reports at the site, grantee, and state level.
  • Includes a reports wizard which allows you to generate 30-40 different ad hoc reports.
  • Report data can be exported to both Excel & PDF formats.