Activity Management

Manage all activities and sessions for your program effortlessly using the EZReports software.

  • Manage activities at both program and site levels.
  • Ability to group activities based on 21APR categories to streamline reporting.
  • Setup and manage multiple sessions under each activity.
  • Setup sessions with different times for different days of the week.
  • Allow/restrict enrollment in simultaneous sessions.
  • Manage session enrollment against pre-defined capacities for each session.
  • Built-in calendar to easily review session dates.
  • Adjust session calendar as needed by quickly removing dates and adding make up dates.
  • View site calendar with session details, daily enrollment count, and total daily attendance.
  • Associate staff/providers with individual sessions.
  • Quickly transfer sessions from one activity to another.
  • Manage special events and family participation.
  • Record number of family members in attendance for each special event.
  • Setup holidays to automatically remove dates from all sessions.