Registration & Enrollment

The EZReports software allows you to import all of your students from your day school system into EZReports using an excel template. This enables site coordinators to quickly register students into your after- school programs and enroll them into activities of their choice. They do not need to manually input student demographics information.

EZReports also has an online student registration form which is very helpful for community based organizations (CBOs). It enables them to collect accurate student data in an electronic format from parents. It streamlines the registration process by significantly reducing paper work for both parents and staff.

  • Track student demographics data including parents/guardians, emergency contacts, and adults authorized to pick up.
  • Track all data elements required for 21st CLCC and other state grants including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, education programs, transportation mode, and releases.
  • Track detailed medical information for students including allergies, medications, and special needs.
  • Add user defined fields to capture additional information that is specific to your needs.
  • Quickly register students from uploaded data using search by name and school.
  • Manage registration lists of both active and dropped students.
  • Easily drop/delete multiple students with a few clicks.
  • Reactivate dropped students if they come back to your program.
  • Quickly transfer a registered student from one school to another.
  • Secure online application form for parents to register their children for after-school programs.
  • Approve applications with the ease of a few clicks to accept students in your program and notify parents.

Multiple enrollment options are available:

  • Quickly batch enroll students into sessions.
  • Quickly enroll one student into multiple sessions.
  • Option to automatically enroll students based on their grade level.
  • Option to divide students into groups and quickly enroll groups into various activities/sessions.
  • Review sessions and enrollment details from a built-in calendar.
  • Quickly de-enroll or remove students from sessions.
  • Enrollment history is automatically maintained for all sessions and students.