Direct Data Upload to 21APR System

The APR upload tool in EZReports has been designed to facilitate the direct upload of the 21APR reports into the Federal 21APR system. The tool is fully automated and eliminates the need for manual data transfer, which has resulted in significant time and cost savings for our State DOE clients.

EZReports has successfully implemented a state-wide data collection and reporting software for 9 State DOEs, allowing them to directly transfer their APR data to the federal 21APR system with ease.

Proactive Collaboration with USDOE and Tactile Group

As several states are using EZReports for their state-wide data collection and reporting, the EZReports team got invited to attend multiple listening sessions with the US Department of Education (USDOE) and the Tactile group during the design and development of the APR upload functionality in the 21APR system. EZReports has been continuously providing feedback to the 21APR team to improve their system, especially during the recent modifications for the new GPRA measures.

What Sets Us Apart from Competitors?

Using EZReports, our State DOE clients have experienced significant reductions in time and cost associated with data collection and reporting (including the automated data upload to 21APR) compared to alternative afterschool management systems and methods. EZReports has enabled State DOEs to reduce manual entries, increase data accuracy, and effectively shift their focus to core operations of their afterschool program, such as community management and program enhancement and sustainability.

Additionally, EZReports has an outstanding support team with a customer-first mindset, assuring a high level of customer satisfaction. Our excellent after-sales service ensures that clients are not left grasping for answers. We address support tickets promptly with optimal, precise solutions, ensuring that the level of support matches the quality of the product. We take pride in providing the best live phone support to address urgent client issues that may sometimes be time-consuming to resolve purely via web-based support tickets.


The APR upload tool requires minimal user intervention and is configured for the utmost security of your APR data. After the upload, users can track its status from a simple dashboard and review the status of each report by grant and site.

  • Safe and secure APR data transfer in alignment with the latest 21APR system requirements
  • Establish a secure communication channel with the federal 21APR system via unique access keys
  • Transfer APR data in just a few clicks
  • Seamless experience across devices and screens
  • Upload APR data by term (summer or school year), funding cycles, grant, or site
  • Upload program-based APR data, such as activities, staffing, and participation
  • Upload outcomes data that comply with the latest GPRA measures for 21st CCLC programs
  • Track APR upload logs and review successful/failed uploads by reporting periods