Afterschool Management Software


Afterschool Management Software

Afterschool programs are essential services, especially for busy working parents. With more families participating in aftercare programs, the demand for these learning venues continues to grow. Meeting the challenge is EZReports, a leading provider of comprehensive web-based software for timely, effective afterschool management.

Our cloud-based afterschool management software meets the data collection and reporting requirements of the Federal 21st Century Community Learning Centers programs. In addition, 9 State DOEs currently implement our technologies, which are also used by over 5,000+ schools and community-based organizations nationwide. If you are a school administrator overwhelmed with daily management and administrative tasks, here are some advantages of EZReports -

  • Effectively manage daily operations, increase organizational productivity, and secure optimal ROI for your programs and centers.
  • Reduce your paper footprint by simplifying administrative tasks through automation.
  • Record attendance using paper rosters with the ease of a few clicks.
  • Manage grants and advocacy efforts hassle-free.
  • Increase community outreach efforts and enhance communications between staff, teachers, parents, and students.
  • Track outcomes, monitor programs, and enhance daily objectives and directives.
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Comprehensive afterschool management software

Cloud-based software can elevate your afterschool programs to new levels. Students can learn and grow in secure environments with staff and teachers providing educational activities. As a school admin, your aftercare program and district can benefit from developmental tools and features that increase performance and productivity across multiple departments.

Providing high-quality afterschool care remains a top priority for administrators nationwide. However, balancing daily administrative tasks while ensuring engaging educational activities for students can be challenging. After school software alleviates the tension and stress with management tools within a single, user-friendly portal. You can access data, assign tasks, and track all students in your program. You can even manage accounts, activities, staff, attendance, meals, and delegate duties to teachers from a centralized platform.

This saves time so you and your staff can concentrate on what matters most - the children. Here are some more critical features for simplifying management, increasing communications, and preventing oversight issues.

Afterschool software compatible with the new 21APR System

EZReports is fully compatible with the new 21APR (Annual Performance Reports) System. The 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) program is funded by the US Department of Education and has strict guidelines and protocols that must be adhered to by admins. EZReports software can generate all 21APR reports as needed. The tool provides a wealth of features, including:

GPR Data

  • Through funding cycles, grantee-level users can generate GPR data for all sites/grants.
  • State-level users can generate GPR data for all grantees in just a few clicks.
  • GPR/APR data meets the federal 21APR requirements.
  • Built-in data checks that ensure report accuracies.
  • Receive auto-generated warnings for missing or incorrect data. This helps to maintain consistency in tracking and managing reports at all levels.

APR Data - Activity, Staffing, and Participation

  • Generate APR data by reporting periods for school terms (summer and school year)
  • Upload APR reports to the State APR system with just a few clicks.
  • Monitor, manage and oversee activity reports with newly defined categories.
  • Staff can create reports on activity schedules within an integrated and compatible platform.
  • Access participation reports on students, including attendance data or family demographics. Make it easy to track family participation in their children's activities to ensure successful outcomes.
More info on 21APR reports compatibility

Outcomes Reports

Tracking outcomes in afterschool programs is a vital component for school administrators. This enables you to stay on track of program objectives and daily goals. You can also modify existing educational protocols to align with your afterschool curriculum. There are so many benefits of EZReports software with customized options at every click for existing or burgeoning aftercare facilities.

  • Generate outcomes reports for all GPRA indicators.
  • Create, manage, or oversee teacher surveys. Elicit essential feedback from parents, students, and staff to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Access school grades, test scores, assign teachers, and delegate tasks accordingly.
  • Import day school grades and test scores via Excel files.
  • Versatile mobile application to send out essential surveys and receive timely correspondences.
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Customizable surveys for teachers, staff, parents, and students

Feedback is the cornerstone of any successful afterschool program. However, it can be challenging to procure responses via outdated brochures as a school administrator. Similarly, the day of information requests via paper or regular mail is long gone in the educational realm. Today, more school districts opt for automated processes that save time and money and ensure program goals are met daily.

EZReports software includes a custom survey module that enables users to design their surveys. These are accessible via smartphones, iPads, tablets, and other devices for added convenience. Create surveys for teachers, parents, students, staff, and providers with responsive questionnaires. Track the status of these surveys online, which helps you avoid repetitive requests for participation. Here are some more advantages for school admins -

  • Assign students to teachers and send batch surveys by email at one go.
  • Send customized surveys to multiple recipients, including students, parents/guardians, staff, and providers.
  • Track the progress of surveys sent and send reminders if needed. Surveys can be completed via desktops, tablets, and even smartphones.
  • All completed surveys are automatically updated.
  • Analyze and report all survey results with a suite of tools for your convenience.
Learn about customizable surveys and how they can benefit your program

Get your afterschool program on track

Worry less about the administrative side and more about the caring side. With afterschool management software, you can automate time-consuming daily tasks. In addition, the right software solution ensures seamless compatibility with existing systems. It also gives you an innovative way to manage enrollment, registration, and meal planning for parents and staff.

Parents can easily browse programs online and register their kids for classes and activities. You and your staff can use registrant data for building attendance sheets or sending out communications. Web-based afterschool software can enhance your overall enrollment/registration process with the following benefits.

  • Increase staff and organizational efficiency with automated payment collections (registration fees). Eliminate paperwork and save hours of data entry with comprehensive management solutions.
  • Streamline and centralize all student registration data in one place. Features include: automated data collection for analysis, assigning teachers, and scheduling classes.
  • Parents can register their kids for classes and activities 24/7 from any device.
  • Maintain emergency contact, medical information, and authorized pickups with student registrations. Set up data access levels for teachers, staff, and parents as desired.
  • Approve applicants for your programs in just a few clicks. Notify parents of approved or pending registrations to keep them updated.
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Benefits of registration and enrollment software for afterschool programs

EZReports software lets you import all-day school system students into your afterschool program. This can be done with an Excel template, enabling site coordinators to register students quickly and effectively. Parents can also enroll students in the activities of their choice, which saves time from manually inputting student demographic information.

Our online student registration form is safe and secure for users. As an afterschool administrator, you can gather accurate student data in electronic formats from parents. This streamlines the process by reducing paperwork and alleviating the stress on teachers, staff, and parents. Here are some more benefits to keep in mind -

  • Track data required for 21st CCLC and state grants.
  • Track students' detailed medical information, including allergies, medications, dietary restrictions, and special needs.
  • Add user-defined fields to capture specific details as needed.
  • Manage registration lists for both active and non-active students.
  • Quickly drop/delete multiple students with just a few clicks.

You can reactivate dropped students if they return to your afterschool program. Save time by quickly transferring a registered student from one school to another. There are multiple enrollment options available for timesaving, including -

  • Enroll batches of students into sessions.
  • Quickly enroll students into various activities, classes, or sessions.
  • Automatically enroll students based on their grade level.
  • Place students into groups based on their preferences for different activities and sessions.
  • All enrollment histories are automatically maintained for all students and sessions.
Save time with comprehensive registration and enrollment features.

State DOE and management reports

EZReports features more than 100 standard reports for state evaluators and program directors. Site coordinators can also review and analyze data with detailed information. This is an essential component of afterschool management since programs must align with state DOE requirements and mandates. To ensure your program is current and in line with state directives, here are some benefits of this online tool -

  • Over 100 reports comprehensively cover all reporting needs for your afterschool program.
  • Access multiple student demographic reports, including contact information, medical information, and mailing labels.
  • Barcode badges for registered students and adults.
  • Access all enrollment lists and student count reports.
  • Access attendance reports with detailed charts and graphs. Import or export rosters for scheduling, class changes, and curriculum modifications.

Our software lets you export data in Excel and PDF formats with a reports wizard that generates over 50 different ad hoc reports. All reports are fully detailed for the site, grantee, and state-level accessors. You can assess survey responses, work summary reports, and other vital information for staff and providers. In addition, with access to student grades and test scores, you can highlight and report their accolades and achievements. This keeps the integrity of your afterschool program intact while reassuring patients their kids are meeting or exceeding educational requirements and goals.

See how online afterschool management software can help with federal and state reporting requirements

Data management and reporting with afterschool management software

Data is a crucial component in any decision-making process. It enables you to analyze how well your afterschool program is doing or which susceptible areas need improvement. EZReports has the tools you need to keep your programs running smoothly and efficiently. Assign duties, manage aftercare staff, and use compiled data to improve processes for the upcoming school year.

Our software leverages data to compile all reports and provide valuable insights. So whether it's tracking outcomes or implementing new measures, you can do it all from one single and convenient source. Here are some more benefits you can expect from EZReports software -

  • Make informed, educated decisions on securing optimal ROI and growing revenue.
  • Quickly pinpoint areas of weakness that need improvement. Manage staff, generate rosters, and monitor overall organizational and program capacities.
  • Increase convenience for staff and teachers with automated processing. This means no more issues with registering students, scheduling activities, recording attendance, billing, collecting payments, expanding curriculum, or changing existing protocols to reflect new trends in the educational industries.
  • Increase report and analysis accuracy with automation that removes human errors.
  • Investing in EZReports helps you make better, data-driven decisions about your afterschool program.
Manage your data to produce informative reports

Automate and digitize your entire management process

Choosing the right software for your afterschool program should not be hard. EZReports is an industry leader in simplifying afterschool data management. We continue to receive stellar industry ratings and reviews from school districts and administrators nationwide.

Our afterschool software is 100% cloud-based with a fully mobile responsive design. Its user-friendly interface has an administrative dashboard with easy tools. We make your processes more manageable with flexible online forms for emergency contacts, waivers, permission slips, medical information, and allergy alerts.

EZReports compiles all pertinent information for searching or cataloging. So whether looking for student data or reports, you will never have to dig through file cabinets again. This saves you and your staff valuable time from daily manual chores and tasks. You can then concentrate more on helping the students in your programs achieve their educational aspirations.

The software is also compatible with the EZChildTrack childcare management program. This lets you manage both grant-funded and tuition-based programs. Automate data transfers, expedite student registrations online, and receive timely payments from parents or guardians. There is even a convenient portal for parents to access everything they need for their kids.

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Web-Based Support

EZReports offers web-based support for all school administrators and districts. We feature a full suite of tools and features to help you improve productivity. Access our comprehensive help tools and resources online, including training videos, user guides, FAQs, and on-screen help for every page. In addition, our highly responsive and dedicated support team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. To learn more about EZReports, contact us today and let us work together in improving your afterschool programs.

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