After-school Management & Reporting Software

Web-based After-school Management & Reporting Software

The EZReports software is a powerful, affordable and comprehensive web-based software for managing 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) and other after-school programs. The EZReports software meets federal Department of Education (DOE) and state reporting requirements and is currently being used by over 2000 schools and community based organizations nationwide. The EZReports software is being used statewide by Michigan State DOE and Indiana State DOE for over 9 years.

Helps Site Coordinators

  Import student demographics
     from the School District database

  Register students without any data

  Create and schedule after school

  Various enrollment features

  Multiple types of rosters and
     attendance recording options to
     minimize time spent

Helps Program Directors

  Monitor and manage multiple
     after school programs centrally

  Run real-time reports by grant,
     program or site

  Access to real-time data

  Make better decisions real-time to
     meet grant and program objectives

  Provide detailed data to evaluators
     and funders about extent and type
     of program participation

  Generate Profile and Performance
     Information Collection System
     (PPICS) and State DOE reports

  Reduce your overall cost of data
     collection and evaluation

Helps Evaluators

  Collect data directly from the
     EZReports software versus having
     to rely on site staff or spreadsheets

  Generate 21st CCLC and State DOE
     reports directly there by
     eliminating time spend on data
     collection and compilation

  Print ad-hoc reports that facilitate

Helps State DOE

  Monitor and manage the 21st CCLC
     program at all sites real-time

  The State DOE personnel can
     generate the PPICS report for all