Service Level Agreement

1. Product

ThomasKelly Software Associates is proud to provide EZReports SaaS, Afterschool Management Software.

2. Hosting Services

2.1 Servers

Our SaaS offerings are hosted on dedicated servers managed by Rackspace Inc., one of the largest hosting companies in the country. We have separate web and database servers.

2.2 Maintenance and Monitoring Service

Rackspace performs all required system software and hardware maintenance on a regular basis. All maintenance is conducted during non-business hours to ensure minimal disruption. The Rackspace port monitoring service ensures that support personnel are notified in the event that the web server becomes unavailable.

2.3 Bandwidth Availability

Rackspace provides 100mbps of throughput. The internal network has a speed of 1gbps.

2.4 Disaster Recovery Plan

Our contract with Rackspace has the following:
  • A component causing any hardware failure will be replaced within an hour.
  • Data restore will start immediately after the hardware change. It requires approximately 5 mins for each 200MB of data.

3. Data Services

3.1 Backup / Recovery Plan

Rackspace provides data backup/restore service under their ‘Managed Backup Services’ offering. The backup services provided by Rackspace are listed below:

  • Full Backup is performed weekly
  • Incremental Backups are performed daily
Database server:
  • Full Backup is performed weekly
  • Incremental Backups are performed daily
  • Full database backup is performed daily
  • Incremental transaction log backup is performed hourly.

3.2 Automated secure data exchange

We provide an FTPS interface for automated data exchanges. FTPS is a secure protocol (FTP over SSL). We use FTP over implicit TLS/SSL for its FTPS. We can provide SFTP interface for automated exchanges if required.

4. Support Services

4.1 Telephone Support

Telephone Support is provided for high priority issues to designated administrators during school working days from 9:00am to 5:00pm CST.

4.2 Web based Support

Web-based support is provided to administrative and site users of the system. We strive to respond to issues within 1 business day of submission.