After-school Management & Reporting Software

The EZReports Software Features

Data Management
Data Management

  • Download, manage and report data from centralized database
  • Import student demographics from district database
  • PPICS APR and GPR data collection in your state

Registration & Enrollment
Registration & Enrollment

  • Maintain registration data 24/7
  • Customizable, safe and secure registration forms     
  • Enroll students into activities of choice

Activity Management
Activity Management

  • Manage activities and associated sessions
  • Define activity priority
  • Make use of inbuilt calendar to easily view session dates

Attendance Tracking
Attendance Tracking

  • A multitude of attendance recording options available
  • An attendance module, EZCheckIn, specially developed for high schools with drop-in programs
  • Mobile attendance tracking via iPad and tablet
  • Generate and analyse various attendance based reports

Student Assessment
Student Assessment

  • Upload and maintain student grades    
  • Upload student test scores
  • Keep a tab on overall academic information of the student

Staff Management
Staff Management

  • Maintain staff related data centrally
  • Track staff attendance in real time
  • Generate and analyse various staff based reports    

Reporting Tools
Reporting Tools

  • An extension list of inbuilt reporting tools; define own report fields
  • DOE & State reports for 21st CCLC
  • Export report data to popular formats

Data Transfer

  • Transfer data (student, family, attendance) from EZChildTrack to EZReports
  • Clients who are using EZChildTrack can now easily integrate their data with EZReports for advanced reporting features
  • Avoid entering the same data twice with EZReports inbuilt data transfer tool

Web Based Support
Web Based Support

  • Online help tools and support system available
  • Training videos, FAQs
  • Technical support staff to help you out in resolving issues

EZEval Afterschool      
Evaluation Software         

The EZEval Software
The EZEval software is a web-based performance monitoring system that tracks progress towards after-school program goals and objectives. The EZEval software draws on the multitude of data stored in the EZReports software (After-school Program Management System). The EZEval software allows users to link measurable program objectives with key performance indicators. Reports can be generated to monitor progress towards objectives. Information is used to identify areas for improvement and to make real-time program adjustment thereby enhancing program quality. The EZEval software is being used statewide by the Indiana DOE.
EZReports mobile application Attendance Recording          The EZ ReportsMobile Software iPad/Tablet based Attendance Software
iPad/Tablet users can record attendance on a daily basis in a hassle-free manner avoiding any form of paper work using the EZReports software’s mobile interface. Enter attendance right from your iPad/Tablet without the need of being glued onto your desktop.
eztimetrack software The EZ TimeTrackSoftware Time and Attendance Software using biometrics, badges or smart cards
The EZTimeTrack software is a powerful biometric (finger print) time-tracking software, working in tandem with our data collection software to help your organization control labor costs by minimizing data entry errors. This software ensures accurate attendance recording for students.
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