After-school Management & Reporting Software
Data Management
Data Management

With EZReports software, data across multiple programs of different sizes or scopes can be easily managed. The online centralized system makes it convenient for users to access all required data anytime anywhere in a matter of minutes.

  • Manage all grantee information centrally including their linked programs, grant details, funders/cohorts
  • Keep a tab on all student registrations (proposed/registered/active/dropped/regular) and associated data
  • Maintain data of active/inactive sites
  • Filter and manage data semester-wise
  • Import long and short student demographics from district database using a system generated template
  • Manage principal information related to feeder schools
  • Store student/teacher survey data
  • Import grades and test score data from existing school system records and other databases
  • Add and manage special and scheduled holidays
  • PPICS APR and GPR data collection in your state